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See what students, parents and educators say about this program:

 "I'm a counselor and Josh's presentation was fabulous and very very informative." –Counselor



"Josh's presentation about social media was unbelievably fantastic. Our students learned so much about what kids should and shouldn't be doing. The fact that it is such a thoughtful process made it all worthwhile." –Director of College Advising



"I watched this presentation because I don't know anything about social media. Now I can teach my kids." –Mom



"You hear all of these things about what kids are doing online and it was great to understand the things that are hidden behind the scenes on these popular apps. We are definitely better off now. Thank you for the presentation."  –Dad



"After this presentation, we have a path to follow to guide our children to make good choices with social media." –Mom



"I really love the emphasis on having a dialog. This presentation gives parents the tools to be able to communicate with their children effectively about what matters most."  –Catholic Sister

“This class was a very helpful eye opener on the apps that are popular with my students.”
–Irene C

“This is great info, thanks for giving me some ideas on how to start a dialog with my teen!”
–Sharon M

“Good info for any parent or educator who wants to learn about the 9 bad apps for teens. Keep up the good work!”
–Kristen J

“Thanks for the parent university! Tons of great info that can help me keep my students safe.”
–Cindy T

Get access to the curriculum that helps people all over the world to be safe and smart online.

What you'll learn in Josh's program:

  • Good and Bad Social Media Apps for Parents
  • Instagram App Video Overview and Guide for Parents
  • Snapchat Guide for Parents
  • Why every family needs a password manager
  • How to use a password manager to change your Facebook password
  • How to change your Marriott Password
  • Why kids shouldn't share their passwords with their BFFs
  • How bad people contact your kids on Tumblr (Safety Guide for Parents)
  • How to start a dialog with your children
  • Digital Journal for good days and bad days
  • 4 questions to ask your children to keep them safe online
  • Screen Time Planning Spreadsheet
  • Screen Time Tips for iPhone, Android, Xbox, PlayStation & Switch (Parent & Student Video)
  • Creating a social media plan for your family
  • Creating a family cell phone contract (with customization Template)
  • Dialog Tips For Social Media Safety
  • How to monitor your students online
  • How to monitor your children online
  • How colleges search for students online
  • Student Presentation (For Parents To Learn From)
  • How to find deleted apps on your child's phone
  • How to find old social media accounts that might be hurting your digital footprint
  • The one thing you NEED to be doing to keep your kids safe online
  • The best social media safety resource for parents
  • What could go wrong if students don't use social media with a purpose
  • Career/college dialog and planning - 10 questions to ask your student about their future
  • Setting up the right accounts to get your student ready for their portfolio
  • How to assemble your student's photos in the Google Drive app
  • How to describe activities and projects before the portfolio is assembled
  • Setting up the private portfolio framework
  • How to insert student activities/projects into the portfolio to tell a story
  • Creating separate pages on the portfolio to highlight specific activities
  • How to publish the portfolio online so it can be discovered by colleges/employers
  • How to connect a website domain name to the portfolio so it can be included in the student's application (example
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using Instagram
  • How your children can shine online
  • When students should start using social media
  • Should students use their real name on social media
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using LinkedIn
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using Facebook
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using Pinterest
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using YouTube
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using Medium
  • How to build a positive digital footprint using Twitter
  • Examples of Positive Examples of Social Media

If you want to start getting results like this for your family - stop waiting and get started!


What People Are Saying:

““I would tell anyone who is considering this program to invest in it. In terms of time and money it was inconsequential when considering the value it provides. Talking about our kids safety and their future is so important - so this was a no-brainer.” –High School Father”

““I have two 9 year-olds and I’m terrified – but not after the Smart Social Membership. I got so much information about how to keep my kids safe from the internet and use it as the tool it was meant to be.” – Middle School Mother”