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Mentor Your Student And Build A Positive Online Brand With Josh Ochs (6 Month Program)

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Our proven 9-step plan teaches teaches Middle School and High School Students How To Be Positive Online (And Build A Positive Social Media Footprint For Admissions/Employers)

Join this program to have Josh teach your students to brand their Instagram (and build a website) that shows off their true identity to impress colleges and future employers. This gets students excited about their future and helps families to work together to use social media in a positive way.


Our social media plan shows students how to focus on their future while being positive on social media

Step 1:
Planning Your Student's Message

Students learn how to plan their future career goals and develop their message they want colleges (and employers) to discover


Step 2:
Creating A College Friendly Footprint

Hands on training to build a digital portfolio/website that helps students share their projects and accomplishments (to get discovered on Google by colleges and future employers)

Step 3:
Positive Instagram Branding Course

A practical formula students use to have fun online and keep their Instagram account positive (for colleges and future employers)