Why should you take our Website Workshop course to get your student resume started in middle/high school?

A personal website will help you get into college and internships easier:

Your student’s online google results are their new resume. 

The best way to stand out is to create a custom website that will let future colleges and employers find all of the positive attributes about your student in their first click. This will also reduce confusion so prospects won’t click on other people in your student’s google results. 

Building a personal website is a great way for students to shine online and show their unique personality.

Your student can use their website to show off their schools projects, hobbies, passion work, volunteer work or family vacation photos. Regardless of what goes on the website, it will allow a future employer/college to match a face to a name, increasing the chances that your student stands out from the hundreds of other applicants. 

Possible topics: 

Photography/Video: Does your student take photos/videos and post them on their instagram or other social media accounts? This could be a great place to show off their passion for imagery and composition. 

Music: Does your student play an instrument? Colleges (and employers) love it when a student can show what they can do (and maybe teach others how they learned) so they can better understand how that person will interact on their campus/in their offices. 

Does your student want a sports scholarship? A personal website gives them a chance to display their talents, skill and hard work in a way that makes them shine online. It’s also a great way for your student to show off a 3 dimensional version of their personality via video and a customized story.

School Clubs: Is your student involved in the school newspaper, dance, or a club that highlights their teamwork? A personal website is a great way to tell their story and paint a picture to the college of how great they will be on that campus.

Why take our course? 
A good website must be easy for a human to navigate and easy for Google to read. 

Our tips will help you: 
  • Build an attractive website that will meet the needs of a college/employer and 
  • Satisfy Google’s search engine optimization algorithm 

Smart Social Online Branding: Build a Positive Student Brand (and Website)

Showcase your school activities and projects to shine online for colleges and future employers

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