The Dangers of Smartphones and Social Media

Ivy League universities have rescinded admission offers for negative social media behavior, according to Forbes

"At least 10 students accepted to Harvard had their offers rescinded after administrators discovered offensive posts in a private, online Facebook messaging group"

smartphone dangers

Cyberbullying can be a risk factor to suicide, according to NBC News

"When you are being harassed and intimidated in school and in any form on social media, it's very difficult to get away from that."

-NBC News
Smartphone Dangers

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Students caught cyberbullying others could face expulsion from school and extracurricular activities, according to WCPO-TV

"A Lakota West High School football player was dismissed from the team, and several more will face “serious consequences” after recording and sharing a TikTok video bullying a female classmate."

Smartphone dangers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day one: Keeping Your Students Safe On Social Media

    • Greeting From Josh Ochs (How The Summit Works)

    • The Negative Effects of TikTok with guest Theresa Desuyo - Screen Time & Digital Family Expert with the Qustodio App

    • Giving your kid their first phone? Guest Landon Ainge from Gabb Wireless

    • How Predators Contact Kids (and How You can Keep Your Family Safe) - Bark App

    • Are Parental Controls and Filters Enough For Kids? Guest Chelsea Brown with Digital Mom Talk

    • How A Sexting Photo Ruined My School Year -Student Guest Megan Hinton

    • Social Media Tips From A Law Enforcement Officer -Guest Huntington Beach Police Department Captain Tim Martin

    • 80% of Law Enforcement Investigations Have A Digital Footprint Guest Sargent Rudy Perez

    • Is Your Child Prepared for Their First Cell Phone? - 10 Expert Guests

    • How Parents Can Monitor Kids Online (Without Being Intrusive) - 4 Expert Guests

    • How Colleges Search for Students Online - Presented by Josh Ochs

    • How to Talk About the Dark Side of Social Media - 5 Expert Guests

    • 8 Social Media Safety Talking Points for Parents - 8 Expert Guests

    • What You Need to Know About Online Personal Security and Safety with Expert Guest Sage Singleton

  • 2

    Day two: Helping Students Connect With Friends In A Positive Way (Mental Health)

    • Teaching Students Compassion, Dignity, and Respect with guest David Flood

    • Kids Love Video Games? Managing Student Video Game Use Successfully with Guest Dr Michael Bishop

    • Tips to Better Family Screen Time with guest Andrea Davis from

    • Three Short Stories To Keep Younger Kids Safe Online (and Reduce Screentime) with Author Kim Maslin

    • How A Former Disney Executive Gets People To Put Away Their Phones (Guest Sara Christine)

    • 5 Simple Ways to Improve Student Mental Wellness with Davide Di Giorgio

    • No One Eats Alone, How to Get Students to Hang Out With Invisible Students -Guest David Flood

    • My daughter was Bullied on Snapchat - Here's What I Did as Her Mother to Keep Her Safe

    • Screen Time Consequences and Tips To Keep Kids Happy Online - Guest Dr Catherine Jackson

    • Social Media Detox Tips For Students And Young Professionals -Guest Brian Helfman from Startup Island

    • How to Limit Screen Time Without Conflict - 5 Expert Guests

    • Signs of Cyberbullying and Prevention Tactics - 5 Expert Guests

    • 10 Ways Students Can Avoid Oversharing Online - 10 Expert Guests

    • Technology Addiction Red Flags to Look out For with Dr. Mike Bishop

    • 10 Examples of the Positive Impact of Social Media - 10 Expert Guests

    • 10 Questions To Improve Family Communication Around Dinner Table With Jennifer Zumbiel

  • 3

    Day three: Creating a positive social media plan for your students that helps them someday shine online

    • Using Student Tech to Solve Problems and Motivate Students with Guest Kevin Brookhouser

    • Leadership Goals: This Principal Loves, Listens, Leads and Learns with Students and Staff - Guest Blain Watson

    • How I Got Fired On My First Day On The Job (Over Something I Tweeted 8 Years In My Past) -Guest Ben Tracy from Renegade Media Strategies

    • Why Kids Want Their Parents to Get off Their Phones - Guest Ben Halpert

    • Giving Your Kids Digital Training Wheels - Guest Adam Ahern with

    • How Kids Can Benefit from Good Posture, Eye Contact, Proper English, & Solid Handshakes (guest Valerie Roberts of The Good Manners Club)

    • Josh Ochs Student Social Media Presentation

    • Social Media Clean Up: How-to Guide for Students - 6 Expert Guests

    • The Power of LinkedIn: Why Every High School Student Needs to be on LinkedIn

    • How to Set a Good Example for Kids Online - Presented by Josh Ochs

    • 15 Extra Curricular Activities to Boost Your College Resume - 15 Guest Experts

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