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So your kid wants a new smartphone...

Learn all of the dangers (and options) there are before giving your kid full access to a smartphone

  • Learn why Apple's parental controls are a MUST HAVE for any family with iPhones.

  • Learn how predators contact students on smartphones (and what you can do to minimize this).

  • Learn how app developers are making your student addicted to their phones (and each app).

  • Learn how to talk with your student to help them better understand and regulate their screen time.

  • Find out the dangers your students might encounter when they get a new phone (bullying, safety, predators, addiction, porn, social anxiety, etc).

This free video course helps parents and educators learn the negative effects of giving your student a phone.

Many students want smartphones and might even feel peer pressure to own one. But smartphones are powerful devices that give students access to the entire world by way of the internet and popular photo, video, and communication apps. Smartphones have the potential to enrich your child's life, but they can also lead to some serious problems.  

This free course helps families make an important choice

Learn these topics in this course:

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    Dangers Every Parent Should Know Before Giving Their Student An iPhone

    • Dangers Every Parent Should Know Before Giving Their Student An iPhone

    • Bonus: Student Social Media/Phone Agreement

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