Learn the settings, dangers, and security of Roblox, Minecraft, and other non-violent video games

Kids can become victims from their own living rooms

“Concerned, [a mom] decided to check the game - and discovered [her son] had been communicating with others on a third-party app. It was at that point she realised her son had been groomed into sending sexually explicit images of himself.”

-BBC News
Roblox dangers

Players can create X-rated games and lure young players through 3rd party sites

“Roblox has censored the word 'condo' due to the sex parties, but gamers can gather on Reddit’s gamer groups or on Discord servers to discuss and post links to these games.”

Xrated Roblox content

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What we are covering in this course

We will go over the popularity of games like Roblox and Minecraft, the positive side to video gaming, how families can be safer playing online, tips to manage game time, and important settings you need to know about.
Roblox and Minecraft

What’s so dangerous about 3D worlds?

“The biggest danger in this game, and others like it, is exposing your kids to things you may not want them to see...In fact, there are reports of children’s on-screen characters being attacked physically or sexually.”

- ABC 27 News
roxblox hidden dangers

Why is Minecraft so popular?

There are no rules to the game and the possibilities are endless with different mods (modifications) and skins (outfits)

Players can build anything from towns to roller coasters to castles
Minecraft so popular

How are video games rated?

70% of Americans under the age of 18 regularly play video games according to the Entertainment Software Association

Players say the games give them mental stimulation and relaxation
video game ratings

Important red flags to know

Short tempers, trouble sleeping, avoiding face-to-face activities for screen time activities. We cover all the warning signs to look for and what to do if you see red flags of addiction.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating Roblox, Minecraft & Other Non-Violent Video Games (Student & Parent Videos)

    • How to Navigate The VIP Software

    • 10 News Stories About Non-Violent Online Gaming (For Students)

    • Navigating Roblox & Minecraft (For Students & Parents)

  • 2

    Navigating Roblox, Minecraft & Other Non-Violent Video Games (Parent Videos)

    • How to Navigate The VIP Software

    • Navigating Non-Violent Online Gaming (For Parents)