With a background in marketing at Disney, Josh Ochs travels the country teaching 30,000 people each year how to shine online. He offers practical tips for busy professionals: How to use their existing social media accounts as an authentic resume and a portfolio of positive accomplishments.

What will students and parents learn from Light, Bright & Polite™?

  • Your students will learn why (and how) you need to monitor your online brand
  • How to be authentic, yet post in a way that protects your image
  • When social media can hurt, and help your career
  • How to express yourself while managing your online image
  • The top 5 social networks that help you shine online

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: How social media can hurt your career
    • How your social media posts can get you kicked out of two countries
    • How to get fired with one tweet
  • Chapter 2: How to respond to negative posts
    • My campaign for public office
    • Letting things go on social media
  • Chapter 3: How to see your online results as others see them
    • How to shine online in the real estate industry
    • How to search for yourself the way employers or clients will search for you
  • Chapter 4: Social media posts and strategies that impress employers
    • Posting tips for young professionals
    • Group photo steps for success
    • Social media FAQ’s
  • Chapter 5: Social networks that help you shine online
    • LinkedIn best practices
    • Google Plus steps for success
    • Personal website steps for success
    • Facebook steps for success
    • Instagram steps for success
    • YouTube steps for success
    • Gmail address steps for success
    • Twitter steps for success
  • Chapter 6: How to express yourself while managing your online image
    • 10 ways to negatively post about your company/employer
    • Texts vs. Tweets
  • Chapter 7: Knowing when (and what) to post/send
    • The Anatomy of a good email
    • Fill out the “to” box in your email last
  • Chapter 8: How to handle negative posts
    • If something goes wrong, you need to have a strategy
    • What do you want your online brand to look like?
  • Chapter 9: How to set a good example for kids
    • Learning to be social media savvy as a family
    • 10 takeaways from my Teen/Parent book

Light, Bright and Polite: Build An Online Brand (Get The eBook For Just $5) Normally $15

With this book your family will be able to develop a social media plan to be safe and smart online.

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