Help parents and educators navigate their student's smartphones, computers, and tablets

Our VIP courses and live workshops are designed to help parents and educators understand popular teen apps, while discovering the hidden dangers and safety features of each one
Are your kids addicted to their phones?

Help families reduce screen time frustrations and worries

Parenting in the digital age is tough! There is excessive screen time to worry about, as well as cyberbullying, distracted driving, and the list goes on. Our VIP program helps parents teach tweens and teens about smartphone dangers and set tech responsibilities, rules, and consequences

Help families develop a healthy relationship with screen time

The second parents stop talking to their kids about social media, excessive screen time, sexting, sadfishing, doomscrolling, and more, is when the real dangers of smartphone usage begins. Become a partner so no parent is left behind

Help families protect kids from online predators

Our courses teach students the dangers of online predators and how to protect themselves on social media, while also reminding them to tell a trusted adult if they ever experience anything uncomfortable online

Help families build strong digital footprints

Our one-of-a-kind VIP Student Branding Academy helps good students fix bad Google results so they can shine online for their dream college/internship. Students learn how to build custom online portfolios and the importance of branding their social media accounts

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If you would to help keep kids safe on social media and spread the word about our VIP program to parents in your community/circle of influence, we would be honored to have you on as an affiliate partner and share revenue that you bring on to our curriculum.

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